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Cellular data plans (3G/4G) can be expensive and even restrict how much you can enjoy the Internet because of low monthly megabyte caps. With Boingo, there are no megabyte restrictions. Use as much Wi-Fi as you want and save a ton of money.

Boingo: What makes it different?

The unique thing about Boingo is its efficiency compared to its cost. Most 3G/4G carriers can cost anywhere from $15-$30 a month, but Boingo only charges $9.95 for a month's worth of unlimited Wi-Fi. Boingo is like no other internet provider out there. If you're looking for something unique, you've found it.

  • Boingo offers unlimited Wi-Fi for only $9.95, something that many internet providers will not and can not do.
  • Boingo offers thousands of places worldwide to connect to the internet through Boingo.
  • Boingo has apps that you can download to find Wi-Fi.
  • Boingo offers laptop plans for $9.95, enabling laptops to use Wi-Fi and download certain packages.
  • Boingo offers over 400,000 hot spots world wide.
  • Boingo offers referral rewards. If you refer your friends to Boingo you will be eligible to win prizes such as amazon gift cards.
Boingo vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Boingo)

One of the downsides to Boingo is that its network coverage varies by city and country, and is never as good as 3G. Maps on devices showing where coverage is available are inaccurate. This means that you may pay for the service and end up not getting the wi-fi you expected. Also, free hotspots aren't widespread enough to rely on.

XCom Global MiFi hotspot offers Wi-Fi for travelers demanding true mobile Internet, but that would mean upgrading to a plan that costs a lot more, $17.95 per day. The internet and Wi-Fi may be more reliable, but Boingo extremely less expensive.

DataJack offers mobile 3G broadband on the go for tablets. However, they charge through mega-byte usage, which makes 200 mega-bytes $9.99. You are able to purchase the DataJackMiFi for 89.99, which gives you the MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot. You will then be able to connect up to 5 WiFi devices with 3G internet speeds.

A great thing about Boingo is its unbeatable price for international data service. Boingo is extremely easy to use. It also supports a wide range of mobile platforms and PCs. Although its competitors offer better quality internet connections, Boingo offers the cheapest choice. If you are looking for quality, and not quantity, I would suggest using the competitors' internet plans.

Boingo: Pricing & packages

Use Wi-Fi on any Wi-Fi enabled device freely and easily anywhere you want. There are no contracts, no megabyte fees, and you receive instant savings. Also, any subscriptions made are easily cancellable if you desire to end the services of Boingo.

  • Use Boingo instead of cellular data and save big.
  • One flat fee for Unlimited Wi-Fi access throughout the Americas.
  • No contracts, no cancellation fees, no per-megabyte charges.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi for $9.95 per month.
  • Wi-Fi connections made outside the Americas will be billed an additional $0.12 or $0.18 per minute.
  • Boingo for UK and Ireland is $11.95 per month.
  • Boingo Europe Plus is $34.95 per month, which offers users thousands of hotspots all throughout Europe.
  • The Boingo Global Combo allows users to connect at all 400,000+ Boingo hotspots worldwide for up to 2,000 minutes per month without incurring roaming fees.
Boingo: Product images & screenshots
Boingo Coupons
Get Get Unlimited Wi-Fi @ Boingo
Boingo: Customer reviews & comments

People seem to love the wi-fi connection for a low price. However, people seem to agree that the coverage is a bit sketchy in some places, so a good deal of research needs to be done to ensure you will be covered wherever you are using your device.

"The Best Wi-Fi Service in the world." -Global Traveler

"Top Ten Travel Apps" -Travel and Leisure

"One of the Top Ten ways to stay connected on the road" -Time

"I picked Boingo's top plan for a trip to England and France. In England, some of the BT hotspots were available (BTOpenzone) and some weren't (BTFON), making the service mildly useful. In France, Boingo partners with smaller providers, and in three weeks, I got connected exactly once. It would have been infinitely more useful if they had partnered with the ubiquitous SFR hotspot system. It would have also been very helpful if their iPad app worked when there was no connection, providing a simple list of hotspots." -by Highermath.

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